A different perspective

I wonder, I wonder ..what would you do, if you  had the power to dream, at night, any dream you wanted to dream..” -Alan Watts.

And from here, I would start all those different perspectives. 

An optimist would dream about success in his life. A  great man would dream about doing something greater that might earn him an ageless place in history. A satisfied man would dream of continued happiness and peace. A leader  would sweven about power and fame. A failure would dream about his glorious past and happy memories(if any). A sick man would  dream about a healthy life. A young man would dream about an adventurous life which is fulfilling to the core. Still some might create alternate universes in their dreams- a place where they rule (for however short time it may be before eventually waking up to the mediocrity of their daily lives).

However, the fundamental problem underlying this facade of dream world is that everyone ONLY dreams. Very few really pursue their dreams. But seriously speaking, has dreaming ever helped in reaching that future. Sure it gives the initial push, but there is no other alternative to capitalise on it other than Hard Work and only Hard Work.

Ironically, we live in a world where people earn their bread and butter by deciphering other people’s dreams(no offence). But I strongly believe that if dreams signify anything, then it is this that- wake up and start working towards it. Someone wonderfully summed it up – ” Sapna woh ho jo sone na  de ” which roughly translates to ‘ dreams should be such that they don’t let you sleep ‘.

If properly moulded, dreams have a power of connecting people. Take for example our freedom struggle. Hadn’t it been a dream of few people with independent thoughts, we would still be slaves to foreigners (there is some solace now- we are slaves of our own people😕). But the unquestioning point is – Dreams are a very potent measure for solving all the troubles of mankind. If one can dream it, he can surely attain it. 

To conclude, dreams are like those proverbial far away flames that helped the poor man to pass the night in the middle of the freezing river. They do have the power to create history, but very few know it and now you have been added to that illustrious list. Thank me later …PS. Day Dreaming is not Dreaming!!😂
Note- your thoughts may differ, and hence the title !