The Tree called Life

Four score and five years ago
At one opportune moment, nary another,
Birth of a seedling-
The Gods hath witnessed with wonder.

Thus spake the King of Kings
“Lo and behold,
This here is a child
Who is to become humanity’s Gold.”

Seven years hath passeth
Since that glorious day,
The seedling is now firmly planted
With the clear intention to stay.

In company of Banyan trees
Or on old school benches,
Everyday the seedling learnt
And grew itself new branches.

Twenty years hath passeth
Since that rejoiced day,
And now the Shrub has become fascinated
By a Nightingale- and its grey.

Yet an impossible choice
It has to face,
Does it wish for the Nightingale
Or is it the moment of greatness which it is destined to embrace.

Thirty years hath passeth
Since that illustrious day,
The Tree now firmly entrenched
Braves the Storms like a child’s play.

Neither the Thunder
Nor can the Winds now wake
The countless nightingales
Who sing everyday of its great tale.

They rhyme and chirp about a Tree
That sacrificed its branches and a bird,
To stave away a ferocious Serpent
And saved an entire herd.

Many years hath passeth
Since that extra ordinary day,
The Tree well past it’s prime now
Has nothing more to wish or pray.

It just waits patiently
Knowing that time has come for its decay,
Very soon he shall be rejoined with the Nightingale
And this time for Eternity.


The Man With The Scythe

Towards the pale blue dot
He set his course,
Traversing across galaxies
He reached at last, of course.

Shocked he was
To see the blue turned into brown,
Sadly he wondered
What happened to his King’s crown?

Thus pondering what went wrong
Down he came,
Dejected he was to see the people
Play the blame game.

How fortunate His Majesty’s subjects were,
The Grim Reaper had admired,
Yet hate, despair and jealousy
Was all that they had gathered.

Looting the land
And polluting the seas,
Apocalypse was in waiting
This he could clearly see.

Gathering his paraphernalia
And his scythe,
The old man ascended
Utterly unhappy and with a sigh.

Graimcingly he looked down
Only to see a big dead hole,
Prompting him to search for a place
Where people had not lost their soul.



Take a Pause

When misery befalls and trust is shattered, when a loved one leaves you or hopes get battered- before doing anything else, hit the pause button of your life and rest for a moment.

Gather your closest friends and your family. Over food and drink and mirth, let out the ever so suppressed stories of betrayal and despair, disappointment and hurt.

Find a song that speaks to your heart and keep playing it again and again. And play it some more. Sing along, as if you were singing for all the poor crestfallen souls like yourself. Sing along, as if it would actually heal their wounded spirits.

Catch a movie with your best friend or even alone, better if the movie is illogical and flimsy. Cry when a scene demands and laugh likewise. Relive the days as you did in your teens- carefree and joyous.

And still if your spirit is not uplifted, travel. Turn those weekends into holiday trips. No destination, no watches, no mobile phones- just you and the road. The cool air kissing your face and the sun shining brightly all over you.

Find your sacred place and make your cocoon there. Clear all your emotions and empty your mind there. Let the peace get imbibed in you from there. And then emerge and fly, yet, never forget for a moment that you can always come back there.

Learn to love all your imperfections. Treat yourself as you would treat your friend. You are so eager to help your friends, help your own self with the same eagerness. Stroke your heart once in while and learn to tell yourself- ” I Love You.”

On Turning 20 and Beyond

In half an hour my teenage years will end forever(this was when I began writing). A golden period with ups and downs, the former easily outclassing the latter. My life is changing, as is everyone’s around me- in particular and in general. And now, though I might not want to believe it or accept it, but responsibilities are coming to get me. Duties are inching ever closer.

All those days of listlessly whiling  away time are far behind already. And now, the days of enjoying without a care of the world are also going to decrease significantly. Studies, Office and Classes are going to take up a significant amount of my time (they already are). My cricket bat is being gradually replaced by office files. My team mates by colleagues. And the college group is being replaced by the office group. 

And as I see it, my time has now come, for the better or the worse- that depends on me and me alone. I can either take the worn out path, or I can choose to walk on the road less travelled. And as much as I hate to say it, but I’ll have to admit it, that I’m confused.  I’m weak. I’m also scared. But then aren’t we all? We all have some insecurities, certain Achilles’ heel, right?! 

However, I have resolved to not let them become a hurdle. I am going to make it large, no matter what. I have resolved to leave a mark behind. Otherwise like Swami Vivekananda said,” What is the difference between you and the trees and the rocks? They too come into existence, decay and die.”  

Dreams- I have a lot of dreams. But there is a great difference between having dreams and living the dream. I want to live my dreams. Obviously, it will take a lot of effort and dedication, but I’m ready for the challenges. At times there will be rejections and dejections, and this post is for those times- to remind me of why I started this journey, to remind me of how far I’ve already reached. 

Time- Now that almost one third of my life is over, I have begun to realise that time is not my ally (better late than never). Infact, it never was. Nor mine, nor yours or anybody else’s. We are not immortals. Today I’ve fully understood what Charles Darwin meant, when he said,” A man who dares to waste one hour of his time has not discovered the value of his life.”

We must understand that being here and now, in the present- that’s important. Time misleads beautifully. We can learn from the past, but we can’t relive it or correct it. We can hope of a future, but we don’t know if there will be one. Sound ironic, doesn’t it? Thus, we must never waste our time in past or future, anger or grudges, regrets or worries.. because life is too short and there is a lot to achieve! 




Life is a struggle. Infact, in struggle we find a meaning for life. How would life be, if we got all that we wanted easily? To be honest,  I would have loved it. But then, me being me, would have eventually got bored of it too. However, I have realised one fact- in this world, money is the most important thing (after family). It is the one thing that we crave for the most. Acquiring more of it creates a need to acquire even more of it.

I haven’t been through much struggle per se. But I’ve felt it’s effects. But struggle is tough especially when you’ve bathed in riches before. My parents have struggled a lot in their life after being stripped of their wealth (their wedding reception was attended by 1000 people).+ I have witnessed it as a child. They worked 6 days a week, keeping me at our neighbour’s house, while my brother attended school. At that time I enjoyed it. I used to watch TV at their house since 9 in the morning till 3 in the afternoon- nonstop, which I could’ve done at my home too, but the cream biscuits were the real deal. Back in my house, there were just ParleG and Marie Gold. 

Playground is an area where money doesnt matter right? Wrong! Everyday we used to play cricket from 3 in the afternoon till 9, stopping occasionally for snacks and water. But then again, I had no money for purchasing a ball and couldn’t even think of asking from Mom. So when my turn came, I was usually sick- (once in every fortnight or so). Sounds childish right, but there were those days too.

I remember dropping the school bus service in 3rd grade because there was no room for such wasteful expenditures. The BEST bus costed a dime if school bus was a dollar. I didn’t understand it then. I was too young. But it made me feel very awkward. Just imagine, all your friends going in the school bus which passes you at the BEST stop. All those friends waving at you and here you are, waiting in a queue for the BEST. No money.

All my relatives were comparatively well off than us, obviously. We just had the safety of a roof over our heads and food- one thing where there was no cost reduction (we never went out to dine, but the best dishes and flavours were all made in the house). Coming back to the relatives, the people who never cared about our well being, when Dad didn’t have money. The people who now get up and shake hands with him and offer him their seat. Good for them that they don’t have to face me. I would have just slapped them real hard, if I were in my Dad’s place. But then that’s why he’s the Dad and I’m not.

Money has a funny way of attracting objects as well as people. My parents’ toil has paid off. We are a thousand times better off than what we once were. My brother has become a Chartered, I am enroute to becoming one. Today, looking back, I realize that the world works on money. And as the past becomes more clearer, I try to look forward to get a glimpse of the uncertain future. I try not to but end up thinking about the  struggles that I might face on my journey. Though I might still consider myself young and naive, but I know that I am old enough. I am old enough and skilled enough to meet own expenses, to fight my own demons and brave my own struggles. 

What do you think about it? 

P.S.: I’ll start writing on grave topics again from next post. Till then adios.



Marriage, Misconception and Misapprehension 

Today’s topic is one which I wouldn’t usually delve into. However, it is the need of the hour. Do read and let me know your thoughts on the matter. 

Since time immemorial, humans have felt the need to be together. The need to be a part of a society. Even today, children are taught from a pretty young age that they ought to be a part of the society and contribute responsibly towards its well being. This is the general part.

Let’s dig deeper- personal part. A man has to find a woman (or otherwise) with whom, he can have a family. A person that he can love and care for. A person at whose feet, he is willing to bring down stars from the farthest corners of the universe. In short, a person for whom he is ready to kill and die for. Similar is the case with women too (equality🤣). 

Each human being is required to (by virtue of some obscure tradition) marry a suitable person- mostly of their own liking. This has been passed on to us as a normal way of life. Any deviation from this is treated as contempt of societal norms. Infact, from where I come, a bachelor or a spinster is looked down on. They are denied housing even if they are ready to pay a premium over the going rates on those grounds.

Keeping all the biases and grudges aside, I would like to touch down on a fundamental point- why is it that people are required to marry and have a family? Why is it that man is so driven by societal obligations that he often overlooks logic and reasoning? (If you have any convincing answers, I am all ears here)

The way I see it, there is only one explanation. Man is undoubtedly a social animal. But more often than not, only a handful of people make it large. Only a few people enjoy importance and standing in a societal set-up. The majority of the people are like the unassuming herd of cattle, in which it is very difficult to distinguish one from the others. And yet, everyone likes, rather wants, to be distinguished, don’t we?! 

What to do in such circumstances? Easy, form a micro society (what is now called as ‘Family’) of your own and lead a happy and fulfilling life-loving and caring for its members and getting the same reciprocated for yourself. A perfect solution for the most basic human need of belonginess. 

But this doesn’t end here. This simple solution, over the ages, has become a tradition. And it should be noted that society is not kind towards people, who don’t follow the customs and traditions. And so that brings me to a conclusion that, either make a mini society of your own or make yourself so powerful that you command a position in society which can’t be challenged by trifle traditions.  

For instance, Narendra Modi is a bachelor (not technically). Can the society have any prejudices against a man of his stature that it would otherwise have had, were he not the man that he is today. Would Ratan Tata, the ex chairman of Tata Sons, be disallowed a house in any housing society because he is a bachelor? Will Salman Khan demand any greater audience, if he gets married? Has Brad Pitt become any less of a human being, now that he is a divorcee. And the list is far from over.

Coming back to the point, I would like to ask you that whether you would still support the notion that people should be joined in a wedlock just because that’s the way it has been or are you willing to broaden your perspective and allow transformation. 

(P.S. the point of this post is to know the temperament of the society because I myself have been ridiculed time and again for the views that I believe in and that’s what I have tried to pen down here.
It would be really great to hear what you have to say about it. Regards)



If 50 million people say something foolish, it is still foolish. 

Legendary novelist William Somerset Maugham’s ageless saying is easily one of my favourite quotes. The abrasive manner of the quote adds a deep sense of  gravity to it without changing its simplicity. 

A simple experiment carried out in the 1950s by legendary psychologist Solomon Asch shows how peer pressure can warp common sense. A subject is shown a line drawn on paper, and next to it three lines – numbered 1, 2 and 3 –one shorter, one longer and one of the same length as the original one. He or she must indicate which of the three lines corresponds to the original one. If the person is alone in the room, he gives correct answers – unsurprising, because the task is really quite simple. Now five other people enter the room; they are all actors, which the subject does not know. One after another, they give wrong answers, saying ‘number 1’, although it’s very clear that number 3 is the correct answer. Then it is the subject’s turn again. In one third of cases, he will answer incorrectly to match the other people’s responses.

In our world of abundance where we have 500 varieties of a product, seldom do we compare our choices. We tend to purchase that what is in vogue, quality notwithstanding. We feel the need to buy that what everyone is buying, acquire that what everyone already has. Most of us have at least once tried imitating a person we adore, a person whom we look up to, right? The advertising industry is the biggest beneficiary of our behaviour because people like ‘you and me’ appear on the small screen and catch our imagination unawares.

Another classic example is that of a student. He is required to study with piety. Whether he wants to study that what he is actually studying is an altogether different question, which is of least concern. He has to study what everyone else is studying. Once he completes education, he is required to take up a job. There is prerequisite for taking up the job. It should be a respectable job, which the society doesn’t look down on. Whether he is motivated by the job, is again a different question. He is expected to continue with that job for the next 40 or so years till he achieves the legal age to retire like so many others before him and most probably a horde of people after.

This urge to follow others (society in particular) has reverse evolved. In ancient times, people followed what other fellow human beings did because those times demanded it. Everyday was dangerous. Every second was a constant tussle between life and death. Moreover, one couldn’t expect a man then, to stand in front of a charging mammoth with an air of audacity, right. He was supposed to run away as his fellow brothers did. But today, times have changed and yet we haven’t. There is no longer a need to run in the direction of the crowd. Infact, today we all have a chance,  which humanity at other times, seldomly had. The chance to stand up from a crowd of people and shine. The chance to break the shackles which are pulling the society down and yet not be looked at with a frown but with approbation and cheering.

So let us all take an oath today that we will henceforth always think rationally before taking any step and not just follow the crowd. And if that happens (and I am sure someday it surely will happen), then another great quote by William Somerset Maugham will find sanctity and that is ” Tradition is a guide and not a jailer“.