The Getaway

Trying a new style of writing. Let’s see how it goes.


It is just a normal day in the fine season of spring. The gardens are in full bloom and in them, the butterflies happily spread their wings. What a sight it is indeed, to see these dainty, ephemeral beauties, which scatter colours of the universe around. At one end of the garden, the Boy can see his family, lazing around the pool, taking their afternoon siesta.

Playful that he is, the Boy doesn’t believe in naps at all. Though it’s an altogether different matter that he will soon grow up and then prize this period of rest and recreation like all other grown ups, but okay, that’s for some other time. Right now, he has an appointment to keep and he must hurry or he’ll miss his date.

He silently opens the door, careful so as to not make much noise and quickly gets out. Now, it’s not like he’s running away or something, but first, he doesn’t want to wake anyone up and second, he’s in a great hurry. So off he goes on the road, which lies ahead of him.

It is the perfect time to venture out, as the sun’s glare is neither too hot now and nor will it set anytime soon. As he walks, he passes countless fields on his way. A thousand flowers he touches, yet he picks none. Even at this tender age, he understand the futility of that act and hence, the refrain.

After walking for what seems like an eternity, the boy reaches a cutting, where the sign-board shows “Left” for Gilbert Hill, his destination for today. After walking for another thirty minutes, the Boy finally reached the summit, just in time to see the descending sun kiss the horizon and spreading thousand shades in all directions.

Awed by the clouds and the birds, the boys watches as the grass bows down in the gusty winds and rises again with equal fervour. Philosopher that he is, this catches his imagination. An important lesson he’s learnt. Bow before the force but always remember to stand up again, no matter what.

As his thoughts waver away from this philosophy to the appreciating the general beauty around, he realizes that this is his secret getaway. So visible to everyone, yet ignored by all. But not him, no- how can he? This is his treasure. From here, he always feels as if the whole world is his to conquer. The cool breeze playfully tickling his body and just adequate warmth from the disappearing sun, a perfect combination to dream and create his empire.

Soon the horizon turns blue and then transforms to a lively black. There is ebullience in this black sky, brought about by the million of shimmering stars that seem to protect him from above.

Below the city lights are visible too. He tries to mark out the one which is his. After spending some more time with the stars, the wind and the lights, the Boy collects his thoughts and his rejuvenated spirit. He waves goodbye to his unguarded treasure, confident that people are too busy to pay attention to it and begins his journey back home.

He reaches in time for supper and goes straight in his room. Today’s experience must be jotted down before it’s lost in time because, some day when the going gets tough and he won’t have the time to calm his mind and soul, the writing will surely help in feeding the void. Let’s attribute this to his far sight!


Just some random musings, I hope you’ll liked it.



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A Silent Spectator

In this journey of life, keep your eyes on the wonderful backgrounds. They pass by only once and if you are busy tredding on that worn road, then they are lost forever.

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