In a few days,
College days will end;
And it made me ask,
Did it actually help me in my ascend?

And instantly my heart responded-
It gave me a gigantic list of people that I met,
Those with whom I sat, and
Who do not have a match.

Many remained just acquaintances,
A few became Friends;
The former I fare thee well,
The latter- will stay- even after college days will end.

A lot I learned from you,
A lot I gained through you company;
I now stand confidently on the world stage,
Because at the right time- you always accompanied.

Whenever I felt low,
You made me realise how hard my peers strive;
And that if I were to slow down,
The world was waiting to strike out my very life.

You also showed me,
How people can become indifferent;
How people can become cold,
Wasn’t that a part of your elaborate plan, magnificent.

Yet you were not so bad
I assume it was a part you played, and played it amazingly well;
Only to teach me the virtue of forgiveness
Because spewing hatred, now definitely ain’t me- I can tell.

You helped me climb the slope,
You taught me to excel in life’s tests;
You gifted me the power of hope,
Thankyou Dear Friends, You always brought out my best!

Published by

A Silent Spectator

In this journey of life, keep your eyes on the wonderful backgrounds. They pass by only once and if you are busy tredding on that worn road, then they are lost forever.

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