Life is a struggle. Infact, in struggle we find a meaning for life. How would life be, if we got all that we wanted easily? To be honest,  I would have loved it. But then, me being me, would have eventually got bored of it too. However, I have realised one fact- in this world, money is the most important thing (after family). It is the one thing that we crave for the most. Acquiring more of it creates a need to acquire even more of it.

I haven’t been through much struggle per se. But I’ve felt it’s effects. But struggle is tough especially when you’ve bathed in riches before. My parents have struggled a lot in their life after being stripped of their wealth (their wedding reception was attended by 1000 people).+ I have witnessed it as a child. They worked 6 days a week, keeping me at our neighbour’s house, while my brother attended school. At that time I enjoyed it. I used to watch TV at their house since 9 in the morning till 3 in the afternoon- nonstop, which I could’ve done at my home too, but the cream biscuits were the real deal. Back in my house, there were just ParleG and Marie Gold. 

Playground is an area where money doesnt matter right? Wrong! Everyday we used to play cricket from 3 in the afternoon till 9, stopping occasionally for snacks and water. But then again, I had no money for purchasing a ball and couldn’t even think of asking from Mom. So when my turn came, I was usually sick- (once in every fortnight or so). Sounds childish right, but there were those days too.

I remember dropping the school bus service in 3rd grade because there was no room for such wasteful expenditures. The BEST bus costed a dime if school bus was a dollar. I didn’t understand it then. I was too young. But it made me feel very awkward. Just imagine, all your friends going in the school bus which passes you at the BEST stop. All those friends waving at you and here you are, waiting in a queue for the BEST. No money.

All my relatives were comparatively well off than us, obviously. We just had the safety of a roof over our heads and food- one thing where there was no cost reduction (we never went out to dine, but the best dishes and flavours were all made in the house). Coming back to the relatives, the people who never cared about our well being, when Dad didn’t have money. The people who now get up and shake hands with him and offer him their seat. Good for them that they don’t have to face me. I would have just slapped them real hard, if I were in my Dad’s place. But then that’s why he’s the Dad and I’m not.

Money has a funny way of attracting objects as well as people. My parents’ toil has paid off. We are a thousand times better off than what we once were. My brother has become a Chartered, I am enroute to becoming one. Today, looking back, I realize that the world works on money. And as the past becomes more clearer, I try to look forward to get a glimpse of the uncertain future. I try not to but end up thinking about the  struggles that I might face on my journey. Though I might still consider myself young and naive, but I know that I am old enough. I am old enough and skilled enough to meet own expenses, to fight my own demons and brave my own struggles. 

What do you think about it? 

P.S.: I’ll start writing on grave topics again from next post. Till then adios.



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A Silent Spectator

In this journey of life, keep your eyes on the wonderful backgrounds. They pass by only once and if you are busy tredding on that worn road, then they are lost forever.

13 thoughts on “Struggle”

      1. That’s true. Houston is a concrete city so to see nature, we have to walk to a park. And as parents we do everything we can although sometimes we just don’t have enough for everything

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  1. Money is certainly important, but not at the expense of freedom or dreaming. Choosing a job you don’t like for money will leave you empty long term. I played poker professionally for 7 years and was totally miserable, but am a lot happier making less and respecting it more as a teacher.

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      1. Well Yes, it is totally subjective. I have travelled a lot for audit purposes.. and food always awaits me at home. But money, like I said, is an exception to the the law of diminishing marginal utility. The more you have, the more you want. And I don’t mean to glorify Money or Wealth, but it was one thing of which I was deprived in my childhood. So wanting to want more is natural, at least I believe so. Moreover, apart from family and a few close friends, the entire world understand the language of money and if you want to leave a mark on the world, you will need to accumulate more wealth. Again, this is what I believe. Because I know that I cannot take the beacon of nonviolence and start a revolution like Gandhi nor can I amass a huge army and conquer the world like Alexander.


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