Can we not?!

Our earth is one amazing planet. But we humans are a total disgrace to it. Sometimes I feel that humans as a race, should be obliterated from the surface of this beautiful lump of rock and water and Life. 

This nature strives to endow us with spectacular sights and smells. The sun gifts us light. The stars alongwith the moon conspire to enchant us. But here we are- always wanting to obliviate all of these marvellous creations and do what we were never supposed to: Fight! 

Senseless violence. Humans have fought over anything and everything. It’s as if we have some innate ability to do so. The most ironic thing to fight over is Religion. The one thing, which above all- teaches us Peace and Harmony and Brotherhood and Love. The thing which abhors violence. The thing that was actually meant to connect us. RELIGION.  

Next we find ourselves fighting because of our skin colour. I can’t think of a reason which is thus bereft of reason. “Paint the world, not the skin”. I read this when I was a kid and even understood it then and now I am at a loss to understand how the learned men couldn’t get it right. 

One more reason that we fight is, well.. um.. because our ancestors fought and their ancestors fought too. Silly, right?! Thus, today I want to ask this one simple question- Can’t we stop fighting ? Milleniums and milleniums have passed since the dawn of the first civilisation. Yet, sadly, we have still not garnered the qualities of Peace and Forgiveness, Forbearance and Patience. 

Just imagine a world where there are no borders or boundaries. A world where nobody dies because of hunger. A world where the aspirations of each child is turned into reality. A world where people work not for the advancement of their region but for the advancement of the humanity as a whole. A world where every person is treated as who he/she is- a Human Being.

We can do so much together and yet we choose to remain shut and cut off from each other. Let us usher in an era of freedom and  make this earth a kaleidoscope of awe and wonder. For a wise man once said, “United we stand, Divided we fall”. The scope of this should not remain limited to our family or community, but should encompass all humanity. And by doing this, we will have created a place, which can be equated with God’s own creations.  

Can we not ?! 



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A Silent Spectator

In this journey of life, keep your eyes on the wonderful backgrounds. They pass by only once and if you are busy tredding on that worn road, then they are lost forever.

22 thoughts on “Can we not?!”

  1. So true, especially for us here in Israel. They take religion and turn into a superficial fight of who was here first… I truly hope one day we could all work it out

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  2. Your words ring true. People have an amazing capacity for twisting the truth. They can have a faith which teaches “if someone attacks you, turn the other cheek”… and somehow twist that to mean “if you disagree with me, I’ll hurt you”.

    God is love. How dare we use our faith as an excuse to hurt others? Crazy indeeed. We are crazy people.

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  3. As a band, Shadow Of Intent, once said: “We are the remnants of the primordial affliction.”
    Honestly, I’m all for peace and that, but I lost faith in humanity ages ago.
    All-in-all, I loved reading this.


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  4. The truth is that we decided to do things our own way. There is only one God, but people created their own gods. They did not follow God, but turned to the desires of their own hearts. They created idols and worshiped them. God’s ways are right, and beautiful, but people preferred the wickedness in their own hearts. Yet God is patient. Wanting for none to perish. So he sent His son (Jesus) to be the sacrifice to end all sacrifice…to set us free from ourselves and to have peace with Him. When a Christian says I once was blind but now I see…this is what they mean. They see things as they truly are…they see through the chaos… and they’ve been set free. They are no longer bound by sin… And death. That is my story. And I want to share it. Thank you for your “like” on my poems.

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    1. I have one question but.. sacrifices are made to please the God. Then why would God want a sacrifice of his own son to absolve mankind of thier sins.
      And you know what.. In my religion, there is no thing such as sacrifice only. And it may seem really funny and weird to you, but we don’t eat onions also because they contain an uncountable number of microscopic beings in them.
      I think I should write a post on this too.. thanks for sowing this seed in my head. โœŒโœŒ๐Ÿ‘


      1. That’s an amazing question! Why indeed, right? It’s how amazing His love for us is… And actually sacrifices were made to God for forgiveness of Sins. But God put an end to all sacrifices through His son. Jesus death on the cross was not the end of the story… He died… but He rose again…So that we now can receive forgiveness through Him. By accepting God’s son and repenting of our sins. Then the slate is wiped clean… and we no longer have to make sacrifices. The wages of sin are death… but we have forgiveness for our sins through Jesus Christ. It was a free gift from God.

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