Purpose of Life

Every so often we ask ourselves – what is the purpose of our life? And however hard we try, we are never clear about what we want. People not only want what they don’t have, but also want more of what they already have.

Different people have different requirements and thus their purposes differ too. For example, a poor man has the main purpose of earning more money. Similarly, the rich man yearns for that extra hour of sleep. 

The fundamental defect of mankind is that there are very few people who aim for a balanced life. A life which encompasses comforts along with sensitivity towards needs of others and a spiritual bending.

However today, majority of homo sapiens are engaged in the rat race. Race which begins from when they are born and continues right until they die. This race traverses through school, college, work, family, oldage- inshort, everything that you can think of under the sun.

But, this is not our purpose. We are all destined for a greater calling. And despite being trained for the rat race and the rat race alone, some people have dared to train their ears(minds) to listen to their calling. This calling is faint but it is very clear.

It is imperative that we realize our potential and focus on our goals and priorities but not at the expense of our joy and happiness. We need to strike a balance between what we have and what we want. And, that I think, is the purpose of our lives.!

Do you agree?!



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A Silent Spectator

In this journey of life, keep your eyes on the wonderful backgrounds. They pass by only once and if you are busy tredding on that worn road, then they are lost forever.

13 thoughts on “Purpose of Life”

  1. I agree we’re all destined for a greater calling that entails much joy and happiness. About what we have, I believe it all comes from our infinites spirit source, who gives life, breath, and all to all. So I thank him for everything. About what we want, he always gives us the very best, whether we want it or not, and everything is working together in perfect balance for the fulfillment of his plan for the entire universe. The purpose of our life is to experience things that prepare us for knowing, loving, and enjoying our infinite spirit source, who is sometimes called God. When it’s time for us to know him, he makes it happen. Then we have other things to experience, things having to do with the new life that springs up within us like a fountain of water.

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  2. Excelent post. I agree with you … you are right when you say that we are all destined for a greater calling. And to achieve it we need to go step by step. Little things count when it comes to reaching our major purpose. Love & best wishes to you ⭐

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