If fishes were allowed to swim…

Albert Einstein once said, ” Everybody is a genius. But if you ask a fish to climb a tree, it will lead it’s whole life believing that it is stupid.” 

And today, that fish is not just being asked to climb a tree, it is being asked to climb down again and then go for a 5 kilometre sprint too. And you might be wondering whom does the fish refer to?Sadly, that fish today is us, all of us. 

Ever since we were born, we were  expected to climb trees,i.e excel in school, excel in college, excel at work, etc. But doesn’t anyone understand that fishes aren’t meant to do that. Sure, some may be birds. But what about the rest.

Every person has different strengths, different needs, different interests, different dreams. Some are painters, some are singers, some are good with numbers, some are astounded by the cosmos. But the system in which they are, ensures that the fins of these fish are brutally clipped off and replaced by imaginary wings.

Children are trained right from their infancy to pursue careers that are remunerative. But what about the interests of that human being. Probably, the next Picasso now works at an IT back office in some obscure setting and the next Aryabhatta is wasting his time in the cockpit of a commercial airplane.

Everybody is a victim of this charade of a system that we call The Education System. It teaches us to be in line, speak when asked to, eat when allowed to and infact, express only when it wants us to. There is no respect for the spirit of humanity. Fishes are taught to climb trees but  tested by asking them to run a 100m race. This is our evaluation system. 

No regard for talent. No regard for creativity. No regard for knowledge. You are judged on the basis of how much matter you recollect of what you read on the previous day. Appalling, isn’t it. It is the death of understanding- slow but one which is certain. It needs an urgent overhaul before it is too late. 

Come now, let’s tend to the needs of the fishes. Let’s give them a system which allows them to dream. A system which helps them in getting to the path that they wish to tread on. Because, they may be 30% of the present population but they are 100% of the future. This is the world I believe in – a world where no fish is ever asked to climb a tree.

-(Inspired by a video)

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In this journey of life, keep your eyes on the wonderful backgrounds. They pass by only once and if you are busy tredding on that worn road, then they are lost forever.

86 thoughts on “If fishes were allowed to swim…”

  1. It was indeed a beautiful read. I wish many could read this, especially parents they tend to expect a lot from us as their children (remunerative career) and that can be a strain to us if we don’t want to follow the road they expect us to walk in. 😦

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  2. I love that Einstein quote. A very good piece. I agree with you completely. The educational system does not allow individuals to be who they are, and what they want to be, explore what interests than and what they excel at. There is a quote by someone, but I can’t remember who, but it is something like this. Students are taught what to think, but not how to think. That’s pretty much true, and sad. What do we lose because of this system? I know, as you say in this piece a lot. Great observation.

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  3. I love this! Children today are set to extremely unrealistic standards in the world of education, and they are almost completely obscured from expressing their true selves in the classroom. Let them be who they are: unique, creative individuals, rather than little robots who are crammed to max capacity with useless formulas and dates. Never ask the fish to climb the tree!

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  4. I really thought this was a well thought out piece. And I think you are right. Too often, FAR too often we are given a choice between two evils without the encouragement to be our own person despite everyone saying “I am my own person.” You can’t win either way. It’s almost damned if you do, damned if you don’t. I am going to share this on FB and see what some of my friends think.

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  5. Reblogged this on Musings and Rambling and commented:
    Sharing goodness. Now these are some wise words. My belief in this message is why I got over it quickly when Pony dropped out of college. And the reason why I’m glad when a child decides to pursue a career in the arts. And the reason why standiarduzed testing is effing ridiculous. And the list goes on … Let’s shine on in you own unique way.

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  6. This is so true; but the irony of everything is that we all agree that it is the truth and yet we feel so helpless that we can’t even put it to practice.

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  7. An entire creation has been wisely and temporarily subjected to vanity and corruption, for its learning and long-term benefit when it will be freed from such things. The present educational system is part of that, along with disease, pain, death, etc.

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  8. Such a waste of Human resource. As human resource is one of the most important resources available on Earth, it must not be dealt in such a manner. This has to change, as change is inevitable this all will end one day but till then the fish must be made aware of its strengths and the post like yours is doing this job.
    Thanks for the post……

    Note: Agar aap meri pehli post padhe to ye aap ke liye janana jarori hai ke….
    Meri pehli post kisi bhi jeevit ya mrut blog se saamdharya rakhti ho to ise sirf sahyog samjhe.
    Not completely, but the video your blog is inspired by inspired me too to pick some contents of it.
    What a coincidence !!!!!

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  9. Superb stuff.
    You’re using your platform to talk about the really important things that are the bane of existence of all of us as a whole as well.
    More power to you!

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